Family Wellness Program

Funded by the Department of Social Services

What is the Family Wellness Program?

The Family Wellness Program is an initiative that provides support to the entire Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus community. It does this by delivering social work services not only to people with Spina Bifida and/or Hydrocephalus, but also to the people closest to them, such as parents, siblings, and partners. This approach ensures that families are supported in their entirety.

 Even the strongest people need a helping hand sometimes, and SBH Disability Services’ Social Workers can provide a wide range of strategies and techniques to help all family members navigate the ups and downs of life.

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Family Wellness Supports

SBH Disability Services offers time limited and one off supports by social workers for clients and their family members. 

This includes providing strategies to support you during life’s more challenging times, such as hospital visits or unexpected life changes. Support is offered a phone, face-to-face, or Telepractice (e.g.: Zoom, Skype).

Support Provided

SBH Disability Services offers support in and information on a range of areas including:

If you would discuss Family Wellness Supports, please contact us today. 

Online Connect Groups & Peer Networking

At SBH Disability Services, we know that the best support often comes from those who are facing the same challenges. With this in mind, we offer peer networking opportunities that encourage community connection. These include:

Hydrocephalus Online Peer Support Network

Let’s talk all things hydro! Peer network online with individuals and their families who have Hydrocephalus only. Held monthly.

Wednesday Night Social

Each month, connect with other teenagers and young adults with SBH via ZOOM and enjoy an online game or activity

Parents connecting online

Connect with other parents of children with SBH. Age-group appropriate online sessions are held monthly for parents of children aged 0-5, primary school aged children, and high school aged children.

Ageing with Spina Bifida and/or Hydrocephalus

Help manage your SBH as you grow older by connecting with others in these monthly online sessions.

Wednesday Online Peer Connect (adults)

A weekly online session where adults with SBH can connect and talk about a range of issues.

Community Events

SBH Disability Services holds face-to-face catchups throughout the year. Contact SBH to find out where and when the next community event is held.

Connect with a therapist today:

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To get started, all you need to do is contact us. We’ll then book in some time to talk about your/your child’s condition to understand how we can support you in achieving your goals.

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