Group Programs

Group programs are an ideal way to learn and develop new skills and capacities with the support and encouragement of others in the group social context.  

SBH Disability Services runs various group programs for children, teens and adults, throughout the year.  Some of our most popular group programs include:


SBH Disability Services playgroups are a chance for the whole family to come and have fun while also receiving hands on therapy.  Fundamental skill development in fine motor, gross motor, speech, language and more is encouraged through a fun and engaging social play environment.  Each playgroup session is tailored to target particular developmental milestones and skills.

Mobility and Wheelchair Skills Programs

Programs run for all age groups to facilitate mobility, learn wheelchair skills and increase community participation.  These programs build confidence with mobility, social interactions and community navigation and planning skills.  Opportunities are also provided to try new sports and recreational activities.


Adults’ Retreat Program

A four day goal focussed, capacity building Mental Health and Wellbeing program.

The program covers: 

Developing good mental health

Managing anxiety and depression

mindfulness techniques

Letting go of things holding you back

Building self esteem and confidence

Decision making

Planning for the future

Kids’ and Teen Camps

Four day childrens’ and teenagers’ camps inclusive of fun therapeutic activities and informative workshops.  SBH Disability Services camps provide children to build confidence and independence, establish important peer networks and friendships all while participating in lots of fun activities.

Skill Development Programs

Cross City Challenge

A three day program targeted at developing independence with community access and mobility.  The Cross City Challenge supports adults with physical and/or cognitive difficulties to develop and build independence with community access and mobility skills. the program builds capacity in the following areas:

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