Resource Portal

SBH Disability Services has a number of resources that can help you understand your disability, how to manage the symptoms, improve your mental and physical wellbeing and empower you to improve your own self-advocacy.

These resources have been developed by SBH Disability Services therapeutic staff and are fully accessible here for free.

Simply click on a category and explore the resources available. You can also search for a resource using the search bar. 

Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus

Information resources that specifically pertain to Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.

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Children & Early Development

Information resources that pertain to Children & Early Development for parents/carers.

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Developing Independence

Information resources that pertain to Developing Independence in day to day living.

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Information resources that pertain to Education across the early years, school-aged and transition stages of a child's education.

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Memory and Learning

Information resources that pertain to the cognitive abilities of memory and learning.

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Mental Health

Information resources that pertain to Mental Health include the 'Living Well Series' which explores topics such as anxiety, depression, grief & loss and personal care.

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Navigating work and employment

Information resources that pertain to Social Networking including information relating to the employment of persons with a disability.

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Physical Wellbeing

Information resources that pertain to Physical Well-being.

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Procedural Plans & Social Stories

Procedural Plans are documents designed to assist children and teens to express how they are feeling with their health provider before going to the hospital and how best they can advocate for themselves prior to a procedure and visit e.g surgery. Social stories use words and images to explain concepts. SBH Disability Services have designed a range of Social Stories for children and teens of different ages to help them or their friends understand more fully, aspects of Spina Bifida or Hydrocephalus.

Contact your SBH Disability Services OT if you would like assistance in creating an individualised Procedural Plan or Social Stories!

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Support and Advocacy

Information resources that pertain to support and advocacy including speaking, acting, writing, with or on behalf of a person, to promote, protect and defend their human rights.

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SBH Disability Services has a number of video resources including educational videos covering a range of therapeutic and disability-specific information as well as interesting video discussions with members of the community.

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